Composting Basics

A great way to reduce your family’s solid waste output is to compost. Compost creates a rich, all natural soil nutrient for landscapes, gardens, and houseplants.  It also enhances soil’s ability to retain moisture and can reduce your reliance on chemical fertilizers. Kitchen waste, such as fruit and vegetable scraps, crushed eggshells, tea bags, coffee grounds and filters, and stale bread can all be composted and taken out of the waste stream.  Yard waste also composts easily.

Options for composting include– an open pile, a stationary compost bin or a rolling or tumbling container.

1. Install your composter close to your home/back door to maximize its use.  Stationary composters should be located in well drained areas, preferably in partial shade.

2. Collect your kitchen green and brown scraps in a pail or container.  Do not compost meat, dairy products or ashes.

Kitchen GREENS– fruit & vegetable scraps, houseplant cuttings (do not include if the plant is diseased), coffee grounds, tea bags, rice & pasta, egg shells

Kitchen BROWNS– coffee filters, stale bread, paper napkins & towels, dryer lint, hair

3. Empty the kitchen scraps into the composter.  Stir the new material with the existing material and cover with green and/or brown yard scraps.

Yard GREENS– flowers, vegetables, plant trimmings, hedge clippings, and small amounts of grass

Yard BROWNS– leaves, straw or hay, small twigs/chips, dried grass and weeds

4. After several months your compost will be ready for use!

For more information, please look at or

If you would like a copy of this information for easy reference, email the Green Team at or stop by Borough Hall to pick up a flyer. And while you are there- have a look at the Earth Machine™ composter. These stationary bins are available for purchase (see prior post).

The HP School composter in use

Rich compost, ready to use

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