Backyard Composting in HP

Harrington Park embraces the benefits of backyard composting! Our current program promoting home composting began in April 2010 when Green Team members set up a demonstration model with a Bergen County Utilities Authority provided Earth Machine™ composter at our Town Heritage Day.  Since then, a  model has been demonstrated, with samples of home compost available for inspection, and composters available for purchase, at the three main annual town events- Heritage Day in April, the Library White Elephant fund raiser in June, and Town Day in September.  Through these events we have sold over 10 composters and spoken to ~120 families about the benefits of composting.  We also handed out literature about composting basics, options for composting (i.e. in open piles, compost bins or rolling or tumbler units) and information on purchasing the Earth Machine™ bin. Some families were already composting in containers they made or bought elsewhere; others have started composting and came back the next year to talk about their success.  The 2012 HP Green Pledge lists backyard composting as one of the six environmentally friendly acts residents can pledge to do. This is the first of three postings to continue to encourage HP residents to consider composting as an option for their household and yard waste.

*****Earth Machine™ composters, on consignment from the BCUA, are being sold at no profit to the town to increase their affordability. Currently $53 each, they are available for purchase at Borough Hall, 85 Harriot Avenue, Tel: 201-768-1700.

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