kudus to Will Martin for cleaning up Highland Field on July 7th!

Many thanks to Harrington Park resident and 2012 NVOT graduate Will Martin! Annually since 2008, Will has gathered friends together in early July to clean up the woods at the edge of the fields (…please see the August 27, 2011 posting). On Saturday, July 7th, Will and two friends picked up trash and recyclables that were on the ground and filled nine 15-gallon bags with garbage, including hoses, an old soccer goal and a PVC pipe. In 2010, the students filled over twenty 40- gallon bags in a four hour cleanup; in 2011 they filled fifteen.  Will was pleased to note the decrease in garbage in the woods as well as the decrease in recyclables – mostly plastic bottles. His efforts were profiled in the July 12, 2012 Northern Valley Suburbanite- pages 33 and 34.

Please note: since the summer of 2011 every sports field at Highland has a blue recycling container, though there are several more garbage cans placed around the park that do not have recycling containers next to them. The HP DPW staff report that the blue rectangular recycling containers are being used, though recyclables are still being thrown into garbage cans, especially if they are not paired with a blue container.

Come visit Highland Field, walk the paved trail and enjoy the (clean) woods!

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