Enjoy fresh local produce: Jersey Fresh, 2012! Farmers markets…and what is this squash?

It doesn’t get any fresher than this, but if you do not have a garden or your produce is not yet ripe, consider supporting local farmers and businesses. The New Jersey Department of Agriculture’s website http://www.state.nj.us/jerseyfresh or http://www.jerseyfresh.nj.gov/ has listings of roadside merchants, community farmer’s markets, pick your own farms, and agritourism events and attractions throughout the state– as well as delicious recipes and information as to seasonal availability. Do you enjoy delicious and juicy peaches? You can pick your own now at Demarest Farms (244 Werimus Rd.) in Hillsdale. And learn more about these fruits- and nectarines too at: http://www.jerseypeaches.com/!

Nearby Farmer’s Markets, listed by day of week:

Sunday         Emerson       10am-3pm   Jun3-Oct14              by Train Station

                        Tenafly          10am-2pm   May13-Oct28         WashingtonSt/TenaflyRd

Tuesday       Haworth       2-7pm           June12-Nov20        Terrace St Parking Lot

Wednesday Paramus       3-7pm           June20-Sept16       Petruska Memorial Park

Thursday      River Vale    12-6pm         June21-Oct25         Town Hall Parking Lot (Stokes Farm sells here)

Friday           Englewood  11am-6pm   June8-Oct6              Depot Square Park

Saturday       Dumont        1am-3pm     May5-Oct27             Sorosis Park

The four roadside merchants closest to HP are:

The Farm in Closter, 515 Piermont Road, Closter; 201-768-1438;                                Open year round: 7:30-6

Old Hook Farm, 650 Old Hook, Emerson; 201-265-4835;                                               Open year round: Tues- Sat 9-5 and Sun 9-4

Stokes Farm, 23 De Wolf Rd, Old Tappan; 201-768-2239;                                       April-June daily 9-6; July- Oct Tues & Fri 11-6

Sunden Farms, 307 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan 201-263-0557;                                    Fri 11-6; Sat & Sun 11-4

For more details and website/other contact information, please look at the Jersey Fresh 2011 posting or the Jersey Fresh websites above.

U Pick It   Produce varies through the season- call or visit the web sites

Hillsdale        Demarest Farms, 244 Werimus Rd. www.demarestfarms.com  (201) 666-0472

Montvale      DePiero’s Farm, 300 Grand Ave  Depieros.com (201) 391-4576

Wyckoff        Abma’s Farm, 700 Lawlins Rd. www.abmasfarm.com (201) 891-0278






Question- do you know what this squash is? A light brown seed (that I thought looked like a pumpkin seed) sprouted from last year’s compost. The plant is growing and growing and taking over the garden (note the overwhelmed cucumber with the small yellow flowers). It has huge leaves and lots of large yellow flowers that the bees love. Guessing a butternut squash…MAS

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