Discover Pondside Park

The highlight of this 32 acre park is the lovely pond, frequented by ducks, geese and other wildlife.  The pond is fed by a stream at the north end and drains through culverts at the southern end to become part of Dorotockey’s Run. The pond is circumscribed by a wooded path; this well-maintained path is made of hard packed soil,  attracting walkers and joggers in all seasons.   Along the path there are two areas with wooden structures for stretching and exercise. There are picnic tables at various points providing pleasant views of the pond.


A large swing on the southern end overlooks the pond.

In addition in this area, there is an attractive playground featuring children and baby swings, climbing equipment and slides, with benches for adults.   There is one recycling container at the playground and trash receptacles there and at the ball field.

At the north end of the park is a recently refurbished ball field (Loh’s Field) with a baseball diamond and grass areas for soccer goals. (More on the playing fields in an upcoming posting).




There are two parking lots – one at the southern entrance and a larger one at the ball field and parking is permitted on the gravel drive (Kolder Way).

These photos were taken today at Pondside Park, focusing on the environment and the wildlife. A beautiful great blue heron did not allow me to come close enough to photograph. And yes, the raspberries were delicious!



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