HP School- update on the courtyard gardens & new rain barrels

Check out what is going on in the HP School courtyard!

Two rain barrels were purchased with HSA funds and have been installed. These capture rain water from the roof through a downspout. The collected water will be used to water the garden beds.

The Earth Machine™ composting bin is being used for the recycling of vegetative waste- including garden waste, leaves, and grass.

(The composters and the rain barrels were purchased from the BCUA. Bergen County residents can purchase these items directly from the BCUA- call 201-807-5825 or go to the BCUA Web site at: www.bcua.org. There are a few composters still available for purchase at HP Boro Hall for purchase- see the June 2 posting).

In late April the HP School Garden Club, led by Spanish teacher Ms. Sally Denbeaux, planted three of the raised garden beds–one with strawberries, one with lettuce and onion plants, and one with lettuce, radish, spinach and carrot seeds.

On May 4th, in the fourth bed (visible at the back with the trellis),  the Club members planted pea plants.

Two dwarf apple trees were also planted in the courtyard. Ms Denbeaux and Garden Club members will be tending the garden over the summer.

Lettuce and onions- above L

Radishes- above R

Strawberries- L

Photos above taken by Theresa Hazelton on 6/1/12

Photos below taken by Emily Pearson on 6/13/12, after a warm and rainy ~two weeks:

The vegetable beds

Lettuce and onions

The new apple trees.

Finally, the girls of Girl Scout Troop 675 have purchased the plants for the butterfly garden. Leader Dr Kathy Zahos and the Scouts will tend to the garden over the summer and provide regular updates as to the butterfly visitors.

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