Green Team/Green Table- 2012

On June 2nd, the HP Green Team again hosted an information table at the annual HP Library White Elephant Sale. The day started out with showers, but the sun came out by mid-morning and there were a steady stream of browsers and shoppers throughout the sale. Green Team members Cindy Kennedy, Mary Ann Schran, Ann Lander, and Theresa Hazelton were able to speak with dozens of people about the 2012 Green Pledge, recycling, and composting. The above mentioned members also donated several items that were sold with the $ going to the Green Team Trust Fund.

Visitors to the Green Team table were able to pick up literature about recycling, electronic waste disposal, and tips for energy saving tips for your home. Several people picked up the free toilet leak detector tablets. Many of the remaining redbud trees were handed out. Thanks again to ANJEC for the loan of the felt display board with information about “greening” your home (

Our town’s demonstration composter, the Earth Machine™  homecomposting bin, provoked attention and  comments. The Green Team has a few composters from the BCUA to sell on consignment at a cost of $53 per composter.  Call Boro Hall at 201-768-1700 to check on their availability. Look at  the August 31 2010 posting for more details about this item (Composters and rain barrels are available directly from the BCUA- call 201-807-5825 or go to the BCUA Web site at:

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