Seven new trees on Highland Ave

During the week of May 14, 2012, seven new trees were planted along Highland Ave. in Harrington Park, NJ. The new trees were planted in the footprints of seven trees that were lost to storm damage or old age over the past four years. The trees, oaks and maples, were acquired from Cleatus Farms of Northvale, NJ.  Tobar Excavating of Norwood, NJ removed the old stumps and planted the new trees. Mark Kiernan, Superintendent of the Harrington Park Department of Public Works, oversaw the ordering, stumping, planting and aftercare of the project on behalf of the town.

No tax dollars were used for this project. In 2011 T-Mobile came before the Planning Board for approval to construct a cell phone tower behind the recycling center in Harrington Park. As part of the approval process, Peter Ardito, Chairman of the Harrington Park Environmental Commission and as a member of the Planning Board, requested funding from T-Mobile to compensate the town for trees that had to be removed in order to build a base to support the cell phone tower. The monies to purchase and then plant the new trees came from these funds.

Highland Ave residents have expressed their thanks to EC members; thanks are due to Peter Ardito and Mark Kiernan for their efforts!

Information provided by Peter Ardito.

Photo taken by Cindy Kennedy on May 10th.

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