HP School…How does your garden grow?

Harrington Park School has an active Garden Club led by Spanish teacher Sally Denbeaux.

The goal of the Garden Club is for the members to enjoy learning how to plant, care for, and harvest their own vegetables. Membership is open to any students interested in vegetable gardening and related activities. This club meets in the spring and the fall.

As Ms. Denbeaux notes in her webpage about the club, the benefits include: tasting fresh organic food, being earth friendly, trying new vegetables, learning about composting, enjoying the beautiful courtyard, and conducting growing experiments.

The raised garden plots were planted last spring by the Garden Club and maintained by a staff member over the summer. In September and October the~ 20 students met weekly and their adviser reports that they had a nice time harvesting lettuce, spinach, peppers, carrots, potatoes, some tomatoes, marigold flowers, and one pumpkin!

Activities started up again after April break and the interested students are meeting Wednesdays after school and Fridays before school.

In a May 4th report, Ms. Denbeaux notes: We have planted three of the raised beds–one with strawberries, one with lettuce and onion plants, and one with lettuce, radish, spinach and carrot seeds.   In the last bed, just today we planted some pea plants.  We are also starting tomatoes, peppers, etc. inside.  These plants will be available for Garden Club members to take home and plant at home. We planted raspberry bushes along the wall by the stairs near the garden.  I have permission from administration to plant some fruit trees and would like to start with two-four dwarf apple trees.

These are photos of the lush garden beds with blossoming squash taken by Cindy Kennedy on Sept 8, 2011 and of the empty beds waiting for new plants on April 18, 2012 (by MAS)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Information above from Ms. Denbeuax via HSA President Theresa Hazelton.

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