Earth Day 2012: Beechwoods Park cleanup






Kudus to Life Scout Nick Venezia and Harrington Park Boy Scout Troop 616!

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The Harrington Park Green Team scheduled a cleanup of Beechwood Park ion Earth Day 2012 as a positive response to the recent vandalism. Boy Scout Nick Venezia came to the April Green Team meeting with the thought to do more than just clean the trash out of the park and take down the tree fort structure. Team members had envisioned a welcoming park, with a clear trail leading through the beeches to Blanche Brook, benches for sitting on, and an interpretive kiosk. Nick took these ideas, obtained approval for this to become his Eagle project, and started work.

By the time the 23 Scouts, parents, and Green Team members signed in to work on this cool and rainy day, the trail had been marked and the fort taken down, but not disassembled. Mark Kiernan, head of the HP DPW, had dropped off the past two weeks worth of HP branch chippings, which were in a large pile at the entrance to the park. In 2 ½ hours on a cool rainy day, the volunteers used shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows to move and spread the chips on the trail, then downed tree branches were used to mark the trail edges. Mr. Bistriz sawed many of the 52 downed tree stumps to the ground level to improve their appearance and to remove a safety hazard for hikers and deer. He then cut a fallen tree blocking the stream crossing and, under Nick’s direction, constructed a bench at the clearing. The various building materials – cement, pavers, bricks, wire, etc. – from the tree fort were removed and the walls were taken apart. All sorts of litter, including beer bottles, cans, lots of plastic bags, a Mylar balloon, a bicycle wheel, a rusting out wheelbarrow, several golf balls, a bed post…and many other items was removed. This trash filled 5 garbage cans. Recyclable materials were separated out for co-mingled recycling.

Many thanks to Tony Scott for the loan of the wheelbarrows and rakes! Thank you to Mark Kiernan for bringing the trash and recyclable barrels. Thank you especially for arranging for the two large Beech tree stumps at the entrance (downed in the Oct 2011 storm- you will see them in the slide show in two pictured from 4/17—toward the end) to be removed- the entrance of the park now looks great! Thank you to Peter Ardito and to Trader Joes- for the snacks! Photo credit is due to Jill Venezia for the shot of the wet and happy Scouts posing by the sign. My apologies if I have left anyone out > please let me know and I will update this posting.

The park looks great- especially in the rain, as these photos show. Come visit Beechwood Park, enjoy the beauty of the spring – with the new plant growth, and plan to come back later in the year when the kiosk will be up.

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One Response to Earth Day 2012: Beechwoods Park cleanup

  1. cindy kennedy says:

    What a wonderful effort! It is amazing how much can happen with so many helpful hands. The beechwoods are now so inviting

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