HP School: Spring 2012 fun- Senior Share Day, Walk-A-Thon, water stations, Bike/Walk to school day

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April is Earth Awareness Month

HP School is working hard at becoming an environmental leader in our community. Please support the students and  the community as we work toward improving our ecological impact. Think global, act local.http://hphsa.net

Harrington Park School has many exciting “green” and sustainable activities taking place during EARTH MONTH. The photo show illustrates several of them and highlights the color and creativity of the school environment.

The 4th Grade celebrated the start of spring by planting flowers on the school grounds.

Senior Share Day on Thurs April 5th was a great success. The theme this year was “Generation Green”. ~ 300 older relatives and friends visited the school, had breakfast in the gym, and visited classrooms.  Once again The HSA promoted a “green” them and depleted left over supplies. Children’s artwork was used for table centerpieces. Old printer paper was used for table coverings and was later recycled.  The students recited an earth related poem, sang earth related songs, and earth related activity materials were used at the classroom visits.

Please note the new stainless steel water station (located by the APR): this is a water fountain and water station combined. (and note the photo of the double stations by the school office). The new station has a counter on it that keeps track of the plastic bottles eliminated from the waste stream by it’s use > very cool for the kids to see their contribution! (The count was at 765 on 4/18/12 am).

In addition to classroom activities to inform HP students about the environment, a great program called the “Veggie Man and his Veggie Van” visited the school.  The Veggie Van was the first vehicle to cross the United States on biodiesel. It still goes 70 mph and has now driven over 50,000 miles on biodiesel fuel made from used vegetable oil. The Veggie Van is a three ton, biodiesel-powered motor home that gets 25 miles per gallon on recycled vegetable oil-based biodiesel fuel. The students were able to go inside the van, which has been modified with surround video about the environment and ecosystems.

Wed April 18th was Bike/Walk to School Day. This turned out to be a beautiful and seasonally cool day (after all the heat) and many children did walk or bike. The HSA also sponsored a charity Walk A Thon on the back field on April 18th, with the proceeds to be donated to two local families. The event involved much laughter and upbeat music.

Thurs April 19th is GARBAGE FREE LUNCH DAY!

Sunday April 22nd is EARTH DAY

Friday April 27th is ARBOR DAY

more school updates in a  future posting…

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