Beechwood Park: Vandalism, Clean Up planned for Earth Day 4/22

On Tuesday March 6th Harrington Park Environmental Commission member Cindy Kennedy went to Beechwood Park to photograph the beautifully refinished wooden sign marking the park (Thank you- Mark Kiernan- DPW!). She noticed piles of beer bottles close to the entrance and, further in, discovered that a tree fort was being constructed. The construction was quite elaborate – with a 2 foot deep foundation and trench, paving blocks, gravel, ~ 7 foot stockade walls set in concrete, and the start of a beam roof. Boro authorities were notified and Mayor Hoelscher toured the site on March 7th with Police Captain Al Maalouf and members of the Environmental Commission. A police investigation is in progress. At the Mayor and Council Meeting on March 12th the situation was mentioned, prompting press coverage. The Press Journal reported briefly on the damage on March 14th. Suburbanite reporter Mark Lightdale and photographer Mark Kelly toured the site with the Mayor and several EC and Green Team members, resulting in this article:
The Environmental Commission plans to clean up Beechwood Park as an Earth Day (Sun April 22) Project- starting at noon. All are welcome!

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