Dredging of Blanch Brook planned

Fourteen households in the northwest corner of Harrington Park will benefit from the planned dredging of Blanch Brook later this spring. Silt and sediment have built up over the past years creating flooding conditions. According to HP Boro Clerk Ann Bistritz, this project has received very low interest loans due to the positive environmental impact of the project.

Just where exactly is Blanch Brook?  According to the 1992 borough Natural Resources Inventory, the headwaters of Blanche Brook are in the northwest corner of the borough, west of South Colonial Drive; south of Blanch Avenue, the headwaters are on both sides of Lynn Street.  It then traverses the wooded area, flows south between Brook and Lynn, turns west just north of Walter, crosses under Lynn, and then flows through Beechwood Park to the Hackensack River.  There is no hydraulic connection between Blanch Brook and Pondside or Dorotockey’s Run.

The part of Blanch Brook to be dredged runs from Blanch Ave along Higgins Place (i.e., south of Blanch).  Apparently this area has not been cleared for a very long time and there is considerable flooding in the neighborhood near that part of the brook.

Information provided by Green Team members Lynn Lander and Michael Hakim

From the 12/1/11 Northern Valley Suburbanite by reporter Mark Lightdale:

Bids were prepared by Borough Engineer Greg Polyniak for the dredging of the area near Lynn Street and Higgins Place known as the Blanch Brook. Harrington Park applied for a low interest loan from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection loan for $378,000 and introduced a bond ordinance for $420,000 to prepare this loan.


and in the 3/1/12 Northern Valley Suburbanite:

The mayor and council awarded a contract for dredging Blanch Brook to Montana Construction Corporation in Lodi for a cost of $269,013. The award of the contract still needs final approval from the Department of Environmental Protection since the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust is funding the project.



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