State of the Climate… no snow?

It has been a very balmy and relatively dry winter in Harrington Park so far. There have been some very cold days (and the local wetland waters have frozen and thawed a few times), we have had rain and brief bursts of hail, but the only snowfall took place back in October!

I was curious to find more information as to how this weather compares to the norm and searched on the internet for the average temperatures in NJ for December and January. What I found was …not the State of the Union (address to be given next week) but the State of the Climate—an official posting of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration National Climatic Data Center!
The State of the Climate Report is a collection of monthly summaries recapping climate-related occurrences on both a global and national scale. This is a fascinating site and allows you to plot (and see in a graph form or on a map) all sorts of weather and climate data. The Annual Climate Report for 2011 will be released by NOAA on January 19th (later today).

In my browsing on this site I learned that:

(1) During December 2011 the eastern third of the nation experienced above average temperatures; northern NJ had above average temperatures in November and December and above normal precipitation in December.

(2) New Jersey made the record books for 2011 for annual records broken or tied for 2011 (compiled from the National Weather Service) for
• the Warmest Year on Record (Trenton, NJ- 56.6 ‘F)
• and the Wettest Year on Record (Newark, NJ 69.91” precipitation)

(3) Rutgers University has a Global Snow Monitoring lab (who knew?…another cool site, supported by NASA and NOAA) On this site you can look at maps with current and historical snow cover. .

(4) and I found the link to that has the shows the current national forecast (and an amazing multicolored map).

However, I finally found the information of actual recent temperatures c/w last year on my PSEG bill! These numbers are from the Energy Use Comparison section:
2010-2011     2011-2012
Jan      33                    36
Dec      47                    51
Nov     54                    57

Happy browsing for weather and climate information!
Submitted by MAS

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