Rockland Electric: Clean Power Choice, $ saving tips, & the HomeEnergy Calculator

Orange and Rockland Utilities Inc. is an electric and gas utility headquartered in Pearl River, NY. Orange & Rockland and its two utility subsidiaries, Rockland Electric Company and Pike County Light & Power Co., serve a population of approximately 750,000 in seven counties in New York, northern New Jersey and northeastern Pennsylvania.

Rockland Electric Company delivers electricity to Harrington Park customers. All Rockland Electric customers who reside in Bergen County Customers have the choice of receiving their energy supply from this utility company or from alternate energy suppliers. The New Jersey Clean Power Choice Program, from the Board of Public Utilities’ Office of Clean Energy, supports the development of clean, renewable sources of energy. Basically, a customer who chooses to participate will pay an additional charge to help support generating plants that use renewable resources to produce clean energy, from solar power, wind power, low-impact or small hydro power, and landfill gas power. Rockland Electric continues to deliver the energy; the bill from Rockland Electric will include an additional CleanPower charge as a separate line item from the CleanPower Choice supplier that you sign up with. (For more information, please call 1-866-NJSMART, or visit the New Jersey CleanPower Web site).

The wet snow and gusting winds from the Oct 29th Nor’easter brought down electric lines throughout Harrington Park and surrounding towns. Many residents became very familiar with the Orange & Rockland customer service number, 1-887-434-4100 and the website in the hours and days following the storm to report outages and check the local map to learn about estimated times for repairs.

The Orange & Rockland website has many more features and it is worth the time to explore what this site has to offer, if you are looking for ways to save energy and money.

The Oct/Nov @home with Rockland Electric bill insert (accessible from and mailed to customers with their paper October bill) has brief articles about several topics, including-

The eBill option: This is a “free and easy way to receive, view and pay your monthly bill online while reducing paper waste”. A tree will be planted by the National Arbor Day Foundation on behalf of each customer who enrolls in this billing option.
Who’s is responsible for what? If a storm damages your home’s overhead electric service, know that Rockland Electric is responsible for the glass electric meter and the service wire from the street to the connection point on your home. Removal of tree limbs interfering with the service wire and repair of any damage to all of the hardware on the house, including the meter pan, is the responsibility of the homeowner.
How to get ready for winter: Tips include: tune up your heating system, install a programmable thermostat, plug leaks, insulate your attic, use caulking and weather stripping, and seal heating and cooling ducts …

The newsletter mentions a very interesting online tool, the O& R’s HomeEnergy Calculator, which is accessed from the customer account page. Your own account information and the information you supply in a brief survey are used to generate a personalized home energy audit. The report includes personalized cost saving recommendations, great graphics, and your home’s carbon footprint! Try this- it is easy to use and the information may help you save $ this year!!

(Orange and Rockland Utilities, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Consolidated Edison, Inc; look at this website for more “green” tips.)

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