Trick or Treat!

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On Saturday October 29th a nor’easter wreaked havoc throughout the Northeast. It brought ~ 5” of heavy wet snow and wind gusts in the 40mph range to Harrington Park. This storm made the record books for the earliest (significant) snowfall ever in Bergen County! Broken branches and uprooted trees downed power cables, resulting in widespread power outages. The damage was much more than happens with a typical winter nor’easter, as many of the deciduous trees and bushes had not yet lost their leaves. Many local residents were also without phone and cable service for days. Harrington Park School was closed for two days, reopening on Nov 2nd. (…and how funny to see Trick-or-Treaters hopping over snowbanks!).

DPW chief Mark Kiernan estimates that >50 power lines were affected in Harrington Park. Power is still out for many residents on Nov 2nd. Rockland Electric is removing the branches and trees on power lines. Homeowners are responsible for bringing large branches and tree limbs to the curb (and there are piles of large branches and tree limbs on the curbs by most of the homes in town!). The priority of the HP DPW now is to chip these branches and clear the roadways.

Vegetative waste pickup ended for the year on October 31st and will resume in on April 1st.

Leaves should be raked to the curb and will be collected by the DPW into December. (Hopefully all the snow will melt soon and allow for more leaf vacuuming; the focus is on branch chipping at present).

The wood chips are stored in Norwood and used by the HP DPW as needed for town trees on municipal and park property.  2/3rd of the HP leaves stay in HP and 1/3 go to Norwood; these are composted, for future town use and sale to residents…look for the next sale of two year composted leaves in April 2012.

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