HP School participated in the 2011 Walk to School Day on Oct 7th

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Since 1997, communities around the U.S. have been celebrating Walk to School Day. In 2006, world-wide interest led the International Walk to School Committee to establish International Walk to School Month – countries pick a day, week or use the entire month of October to promote walking to school. Around the globe, International Walk to School Month brings together more than 40 countries in recognition of the common interest in walking to school.

Harrington Park School participated in the 2011 Walk to School Day on Friday October7th. Students were encouraged to walk or bike to school. Principal Jessica Nitzberg sent emails to the school community about this event and it was promoted on HP TV. Luckily October 7th turned out to be a beautiful fall Friday! Peter, the HP patrolman stationed on Harriot Street, noted that there were fewer cars in the morning and afternoon queues. According to Tom, the HP Crossing Guard stationed across from the school, a number of students walk to school every day, even in inclement weather. He saw some new faces in addition to the “regulars”. Vice Principal Ross Herbert commented on the enthusiasm of the walkers and bikers that he greeted on the blacktop.

According to the Walk to School Web site ( http://www.walktoschool.org), communities are using the walk or bike to school as the first step to change community culture and create environments that are more inviting for everyone, young and old. Here are some reasons to support walking and biking to school:
To enhance the health of kids
Increased physical activity can combat a host of health problems facing kids today.
To improve air quality and the environment
Replacing car trips to school with walking or bicycling can help reduce air pollution.
To create safer routes for walking and bicycling
Sidewalks, education programs and traffic calming measures are some of the ways to improve conditions.

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