Kudos to HP Teens…Highland Field Cleanup!

On Saturday July 9th, 2011, NVOT Senior Will Maltin led five other NVOT students in a cleanup of Highland Field and the surrounding wooded area. During the cleanup in 2010, over twenty 40-gallon garbage bags were filled with trash. This year the group filled fifteen bags with a wide variety of trash, including alcohol containers, bags, bottles ,a car’s disc bake, even a light fixture! The group plans to continue an annual cleanup of Highland Field and hope that their efforts will set a precedent for others to follow throughout the HP community. Will stated, “The fact that there was less waste present, and consequently less collected, is a reassuring sign.  This proves that our actions have begun to have an effect on those who chose to litter, therefore making the project a success”.

Go Green, Keep HP Clean!

Pictured: Front Row- Will Maltin and Alex Haher

Back Row- Chris Mandalakis, Max Miller, ChrisMaher and Zach Chabora.

Information and photo- Ann Lott Bistriz

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