One of the HP Green Pledges is to plant a garden!

Consider planting a vegetable garden or even a few pots of tomatoes! Growing produce in your own yard is rewarding- not only can you save a few dollars on your grocery bill, but you will enjoy fresh, delicious and chemical free produce! Many people find working with the earth relaxing and kids, especially, love to harvest something that they have planted and watched grow.

May 15th is the recommended date in North Jersey for putting most plants in the ground, as there is little chance of a damaging frost after that time. Cool weather vegetables such as broccoli, kale and lettuce can go in now.

Vegetable gardens need sunlight, decent soil drainage and protection from heavy winds from wildlife.  Your garden area should be free of grass, rocks and weeds.  After you turn the earth, you may wish to add organic material (such as peat moss or composted organic material- think HP humus!). Every vegetable has different needs- for pH, sunlight, and soil composition. For examples- carrots do better in a sandier soil.  Tomatoes, bush beans, peppers and onions do not need much space, while cucumbers, squash and melons need to spread out. You may wish to test your soil for acidity and alkalinity before planting.

You do not need to go far to get seedling or seeds- and advice. Here is a list of nurseries and garden centers within a few miles of HP.

D’Ercole Farms and Garden Center, 518 Tappan Rd Norwood, NJ (201) 768-0495

Cleatus Farms, 236 Livingston Street, Northvale, NJ (201) 768-3099

Lupardi’s Nursery, 75 Blanch Ave Closter, NJ   (201) 768-0017

Old Hook Farm 650 Old Hook Rd., Emerson, NJ (201) 265-4835

Stokes Farm 23 De Wolf Rd., Old Tappan, NJ (201) 768-3931

Sunden’s Stone Point Farms, 307 Old Tappan Road, Old Tappan, NJ (201) 263-0557

Willow Run, 1 Country Road, Cresskill, NJ (201)568-2400

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