HP Catalog Canceling

Harrington Park School finished its Catalog Canceling Challenge on April 26th.

The results are in: 678 catalogs were canceled in 30 days! On average, there are six issues printed for each catalog annually, so 4,068 unwanted catalogs will no longer be printed and mailed to HP households in the next year. The unsolicited mailing of catalogs is a massive environmental problem. Not only is it wasting an unimaginable amount of natural resources, it is also hugely energy intensive and produces significant pollution. Our environmental impact for canceling those catalogs equates to 11 trees saved, over 11,000 gallons of water saved, and over 7,000 lbs of CO2 prevented from entering the atmosphere. Way to go kids- and parents! The 3rd grade canceled the most catalogs with 192, and will receive an extra recess period as a prize. The 1st grade was hot on their heels with 155 catalogs canceled. The Challenge may be over, but we should all keep canceling those unwanted catalogs!

submitted by Theresa Napolitano Hazelton

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One Response to HP Catalog Canceling

  1. Ted Wells says:

    I’d love to give you credit on the Catalog Canceling Challenge blog. Email me if you’d like to be featured there. -Ted

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