HP School – Senior Share Day

Each year Harrington Park School hosts an event called Senior Share Day for grandparents and seniors in the community.

The program consists of a concert by students in grades K-3 and musical performances by band members and the strings program. The performances are followed by a classroom visitation. It is a joyous occasion that is anticipated by the children and seniors alike. Senior Share Day was yesterday April 21st and the theme used to celebrate the day was “Love the Earth”. Quite relevant considering it was the day before Earth Day!

The committee members did a tremendous job of embracing the theme, and in an effort to reduce waste, decided to deplete supplies from years past and simply use what was available. Turns out there were plenty of supplies, including plates, cups napkins and utensils, without having to buy new. Also, all of the tables were covered in recyclable materials from the school art room; and the centerpieces were beautifully arranged origami flowers made by a family in town from recycled magazines. And although everything did not match, there was an eclectic, earthy look to the room that was appreciated by all in attendance once they realized the significance of the décor.

Also, on each table HP Green Pledges were available and seniors were invited to participate in taking the Green Pledge. Approximately 75 pledges were signed, and will go toward our goal of 320! The Suburbanite covered the event, look for an article about the day in their next printing!

Submitted by Theresa Hazelton

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One Response to HP School – Senior Share Day

  1. John says:

    Great site, really helpful to learn about green events in Harrington Park. Glad to see the green team is so active!

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