Read and sign the HP Green Pledge 2011!

Earth Day is Friday April 22nd. Join your fellow citizens in this challenge to reduce our impact on the environment both collectively and individually. The Green Team’s goal is for 25% of HP households to pledge one or more of the following actions and let us know. You may already be committed to one or more actions- great! Can you check off all 5?
____          Use reusable shopping bags
____          Use environmentally friendly cleaning products and cloth instead of paper towels*
____ Turn off unnecessary lights and change incandescent light bulbs to more efficient bulbs such as compact fluorescents*
____          Cut down on driving and walk when possible*
____          Grow my own vegetable or fruit garden* OR alternatively buy locally grown produce
____  Call to cancel or login online at and cancel at least three unwanted catalogs
The pdf pledge will be part of the April town newsletter.
Please return your pledge form via email to (most eco- friendly) OR drop the form off at the Borough Clerk‘s office or at the front desk at the HP Library. Thank you for your support! The Green Team.
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