Spring Cleaning – Electronics!

Since January 1st, 2011 it is illegal to discard computers, monitors, televisions and laptops in the general trash in New Jersey.
There are lots of options available for arranging for reusing or recycling of your unwanted household or business electronic equipment.
Computers, laptops, games consoles, printer, fax machines, copiers, Televisions, Monitors, DVD players or VCR’s, as well as individual electronic parts such as motherboards and hard disc drives, should be recycled to prevent the toxic chemicals that they contain from contaminating the natural environment. There are several companies that will purchase your old electronic equipment for a fixed price. There are a number of charity groups who will gladly accept your unwanted computer or laptop (Goodwill is an example). Other charities will only accept gently used electronic equipment in working condition. MAKE SURE you remove all personal information files before you sell, donate or recycling your laptop or computer. WARNING: Simply deleting the files or even formatting the hard disc, is not sufficient to prevent a criminal from recovering your personal data.
Information above from – http://recyclingnj.com/recycle/electronics.html Please look at this site for (1) more details on how to protect your personal information and (2) information about donating or selling old electronics. The site recommends that if you wish to sell your computer, or donate it to charity as a working machine, that you use specialist software to completely clear the hard disc of any trace of your personal information files.

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