downed branches

Thanks to heavy wet snow and the driving wind of last week’s two nor’easters, there are SO many downed branches, small and large, and several trees on the ground in Harrington Park. And this is on top of the usual winter downfall – twigs, branches, and leaves.

Curbside garden refuse pickup starts on MONDAY APRIL 2nd (3 weeks away). Please be patient — our trash hauler will not pick up branches/twigs. HP garden refuse  is taken to be composted and the organic material is returned to the environment.

Larger branches & small logs are chipped on MONDAYS by our HP DPW staff, weather permitting. Please bring them to the curb. Wood chips (from HP chipped branches) are available at the recycling center.

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Spring! forward

Spring forward! Spring 2018 starts on Tuesday, March 20th (and for many it can’t come soon enough!) Daylight Savings Time starts at 2am on Sunday, March 11th. Remember to turn your clocks ahead tonight and, while you are at it, it is a good idea to check and change the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Fun fact – this is the 100th year of DST!

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Roller coaster temperatures for President’s Week 2018

Roller coaster temperatures and a record high! Harrington Park has been treated to a roller coaster of temperatures and weather conditions this President’s Day/school February break week. Saturday 2/17 brought wet snow and a low of 28’F; the sun came out and spring temps arrived – high 50’F 2/19, 69’F 2/20 and a record breaking 83’F (! per accuweather) * Highland Park was filled with kids playing in shorts/short sleeves – even a few happy shirtless basketball players! Hope you were able to get outside and enjoy the heat (i.e. normal for June in NJ!). We are back to seasonal weather — and rain – 58’F high/38’F low yesterday, high predicted 42’F – bundle up, stay dry– and enjoy HP!

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Heads or Tails?

Heads or Tails?  White-tailed deer in Harrington Park, 2/11/18.

For more about these deer and winter in one of our beautiful parks:

Thank you Pam Phinney for the photo!




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New recycling containers at Highland Field

Look for the new combined recycling & garbage containers at Highland Field! Thanks to a grant from Clean Communities, Harrington Park now has five attractive new containers at the edge of the parking lot, bordering the upper field and playground.  Mixed recyclables include:  glass or plastic bottles, steel or aluminum cans, and clean tinfoil, cardboard or paper > please recycle it! Anything else – especially paper/cardboard with food residue – please chuck it in the TRASH side. And thank you for keeping HP Clean & Green!

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Just breathe!

Just breathe! And breathe easy. Harrington Park public spaces are 100% smoke free.

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Christmas trees at the curb

Christmas is over…and what about the trees? 

The HP DPW truck makes the rounds in January – on MONDAYS, weather permitting, and the trees (balsams, firs, and pines) are chipped.  Some of these fragrant chips and needles are brought to the Harrington Park recycling center for resident use and the rest are brought to Norwood as HP does not have a storage space for wood chips. Approximately  1/3 of the households in Harrington Park leave a tree at the curb.

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